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Sports – it’s good for you

Lately, I feel like we hear more about the down side of sports than the positive. Injuries are problematic, concussions are even worse. Athletes are accused of crimes and often convicted. There are plenty of scandals to find if you … Continue reading

Bedtime – I like it early

I recently read this article and started a lively discussion on a facebook group I’m on about the importance of early bedtimes. I’m a believer in routines and bedtime and while I frequently fall short in providing that structure, I’m … Continue reading

Single motherhood

As we approach mother’s day this year, all of us mom’s deserve a big pat on the back. We don’t live in a culture that supports us, regardless of our choices or circumstances. According to the Pew Research Center, only … Continue reading

When you child moves far away

Sending your child off to college is sort of the penultimate of parenting.  You’ve done your job, your child has succeeded well enough to live on his own and pursue a level of education many people never have a chance … Continue reading

Who gets the shaft?

How do you manage to meet everyone’s needs when you have a large family and when the ages are so spread out. I know I worried about this a lot when contemplating having another child (before I knew I was having … Continue reading

Why Little Yellow Flowers?

  Circa 2008 I had a really busy life.  I’d been a single mom for a long time.  I got a masters degree while working full time, my job was demanding.  I spent weekends with my kids at sports events. … Continue reading

About Me

Hi – I’m Julie. I’m a mom of four kids – two in college and twins in preschool.  I find a lot of us these days have families at both ends, both big and little.  We come to these families … Continue reading