Why Little Yellow Flowers?



Circa 2008 I had a really busy life.  I’d been a single mom for a long time.  I got a masters degree while working full time, my job was demanding.  I spent weekends with my kids at sports events.  Life was busy and full and I had the good fortune to have met a man who wanted to join me in this craziness.  We got married in 2009 and after a long process, we were thrilled to have our twins in 2011 (though the twin part was a big surprise!).

I treasured every second of the very generous four months of maternity leave I took.  My parents came over almost daily, friends visited and brought dinner, the teenagers helped out.  I knew from doing this before how slowly a day home with small children could pass, but I also knew how quickly babies turned into grown-ups. As Gretchen Ruben taught me – “the days are long but the years are short.”

What I  discovered walking crying babies up and down the street and later meandering the neighborhood with toddlers is that almost everywhere are….little yellow flowers.

To me, little yellow flowers are about slowing down, understanding that great things emerge slowly, that long days turn into your favorite memories, and most importantly – you will never regret the time you spend with your children and you’ll often be rewarded with a bouquet of little, yellow flowers.


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